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Why request an assessment?


Reasons why you may wish to have a comprehensive psychoeducational assessment for your child:


- You have noticed that your child is struggling in school

- A teacher has alerted you to the fact that your child is experiencing academic and/or behavioural difficulties

- Your child may not be obtaining grades that are consistent with his or her effort or potential  

- The homework period is a struggle, as your child argues or cries, or it takes much longer to complete than it should

- Your child is having trouble paying attention in school, is daydreaming or not listening, or not following through on    


- Your child is disorganized, forgetful, and does work at the last minute

- Your child cannot sit still and focus, is disruptive, or is getting reprimanded by teachers and other adults   

- Your child is feeling anxious or unmotivated about school 


Regardless of the reason, parents seek out psychoeducational testing for the purpose of finding answers regarding the cause of the issues, in order to find solutions and obtain practical recommendations to help their child.



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