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Specialized comprehensive psychoeducational assessments


In my practice, I focus exclusively on offering comprehensive individualized psychoeducational assessments for anglophone students attending English or French schools


Evaluations involve the administration of various psychological and neuropsychological tests, observation of testing behaviour and work habits, as well as the gathering of information regarding the student's specific developmental, academic, social/emotional, behavioural, medical, and family history.


This extensive assessment will provide a picture of the student's unique profile, including:

- Cognitive abilities

- Processing skills

- Attentional skills

- Executive functioning skills

- Academic achievement (in English or French)

- Social and emotional functioning 


The following can then be identified/diagnosed:

- Strengths and weaknesses

- Learning difficulties

- Specific learning disorders (e.g., dyslexia, dysgraphia, etc.)

- Attentional problems (i.e., ADHD, with or without hyperactivity)

- Cognitive weaknesses or intellectual delays/disabilities

- Processing problems

- Behaviour or emotional difficulties

- etc.

Post-assessment follow-up


After the assessment process has been completed and results

and recommendations have been provided to you at the 

feedback meeting, you may have follow-up questions

or need guidance on the implementation of various

recommendations. Individual sessions can therefore

be arranged on an hourly basis.

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