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What does an evaluation entail?


Of utmost importance is ensuring that your child feels

comfortable and relaxed in the testing situation, so that the

experience is a positive one for him or her. You can feel

secure knowing that he or she will be welcomed into a safe,

warm, and encouraging environment.  


The assessment process involves the following steps:


-  An initial brief telephone or email consultation

-  The completion of intake paperwork by parents to book the evaluation

-  A 90-minute virtual intake interview to discuss the issues and review the student's history

-  A total of approximately 7 hours of one-on-one in-person testing with the student, broken up into 3 or 4 weekday

   morning testing sessions (after-school testing is not offered, as children are too tired)

-  The completion of various behaviour rating scales and questionnaires by parents and teachers

-  Scoring and compilation of test results and other data collected

-  An in-depth feedback meeting to present results, explain conclusions, offer recommendations, and 

   answer your questions

-  Referrals to community resources, as needed

-  Provision of relevant reading material as well as reference lists of recommended documentation and    

   reputable websites, as needed 

-  A detailed and comprehensive written report provided to you and forwarded to your child's doctor or

   relevant professionals (with your consent)


Including the written report preparation time, the entire comprehensive assessment process takes an average of approximately 25 hours to complete over a few weeks.  

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