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       Comments and testimonials

        from parents and students

"On a visit to school, my son's teacher pulled me aside to share some insight as to how he was doing. She expressed how she was familiar with certain behaviours of a child with ADHD, and made me realize that a lot of his troubles in school might be caused by a learning disability. The teacher handed me the contact info for Lisa Bedard and encouraged me to reach out. Well, I did and it was the best thing I could have done for my son and myself. From our first visit and through the assessment process we felt hope and looked forward to a better understanding as to how we can help him. During the assessment period my son grew to respect and adore Lisa, who was always welcoming, supportive and attentive. Once his evaluation was finalized we had a clear understanding of how things are for him and were better prepared to seek the help he needed. Today I heard him say: "I miss Lisa" and I know that this warm, caring, professional woman has made an imprint on my son forever. We highly recommend you reach out, it will be the best thing for everyone.

- Tracy O. 

"Lisa, we are so grateful for all that you have done for Andrew. He was so comfortable with your warm and compassionate approach. He had such a great university semester academically (the first for him), his confidence has skyrocketed and he is a happier soul. It was not just the ‘what’ you did but the ‘how’ that made all the difference for him. Thank you so much."

- Katherine 

After many years of teachers commenting on our daughter's difficulty with focus, organization, difficulty staying in her seat and talking too much, she was assessed by a school board professional about half way through elementary school.  We were told all was well, and that perhaps things would improve with time. Unfortunately they did not and her struggles seemed to intensify. We finally decided to have her reassessed and after some research, we found Lisa. Our experience was nothing but positive. Our daughter was very comfortable and Lisa was thorough and professional. We now have a diagnosis that helps explain the challenges our daughter was having and Lisa has shared strategies, resources, and insight that have been invaluable to us as we learn how to bring out the best in our daughter. Thank you so much Lisa!


Hi Lisa, You will be happy to hear that R. has done very well in school after his diagnosis. His math marks went from barely passing to high 90s. He started this fall in the John Molson business program!"

- Monique

"Lisa is professional, knowledgeable and made my son feel completely at ease during their sessions. We are so happy we made the decision to have our son tested and even happier we chose Lisa to guide us through this emotional process. We implemented Lisa’s recommendations right away and saw significant improvement in his academics and self confidence in just a few short weeks. Lisa, we can’t thank you enough! You are amazing at what you do and I would highly recommend you to anyone. "  

- Tricia & Bertrand  

"Hi Lisa, I just wanted to let you know that we are so happy! This term Sarah got 89% in math! Her overall average was 77%!! That is incredible! We are blown away by the difference in her. Besides the fact that she is doing so well, her self esteem has changed and she is so proud of herself! Thanks for all your help!"

- E.M.


"My son was diagnosed at a very young age with a “severe language disorder” among other things. After spending much time and energy trying to get to the bottom of things, we finally fell upon Lisa. Well, the rest is history. My son is finally at a place in his academic life where he belongs, and now that life is good academically, this positivity has spilled down into all other areas of his life as well! This is thanks to Lisa and all of her efforts. She was patient and took the time needed. Lisa cares about her clients and it shows. She is calm, kind, and extremely reassuring, both with the children and their parents. She is very professional yet friendly and “down to earth” at the same time. I can't thank her enough!!! Comes highly recommended!!

Denise N.


"As parents of a child with ADHD, getting a diagnosis was an important step. Lisa Bedard was instrumental in making this diagnosis. We never felt that she just wanted to put "a label" on our son! Actually the feeling was that she was doing all the possible tests, gathering information from us, his teachers, pediatrician, etc. We have grown accustomed to our son having psychological testing as he was a "big preemie - 24 weeks", but this time our son was 12 years old and apprehensive of what this testing could reveal. Lisa made it easy and made him feel unthreatened, and it was instrumental in all of us dealing and accepting the diagnosis. She goes beyond the testing and diagnosing…she explains the results in layman’s terms and gives concrete examples that we can relate to. If this wasn’t enough, she provides you with community resources, reliable websites, a reference list of evidence-based documentation, and some strategies… and she remains open for support and guidance! Thank you Lisa!"

- The Greco family


"We were referred to Lisa by our pediatrician when our daughter was struggling in Grade 1 with attention issues in school and at home.  Having never experienced these issues before, we felt very overwhelmed not knowing where to begin to help our daughter. We were so relieved even after meeting Lisa for the first "parent" meeting. She explained the whole testing process to us in great detail and really helped us to feel at ease with the process. Our daughter subsequently met with Lisa various times and was always very much at ease with her, which was surprising given her young age and generally shy nature. Lisa really has a way with kids! We were so pleased to have been referred to her and would not hesitate to refer others. We now have the tools to help our young daughter cope with her ADHD. We were very lucky to get her a diagnosis at such a young age so that we can get her the necessary support in school and at home. Thank you Lisa!  

- Katie S.


"Hi Lisa, After almost a year since I've been tested, I thought I would give you some feedback on my progress in CEGEP. After getting tested and reading my report, I actually have found it much easier to forgive myself when I don't understand things as easily and when I struggle more than everyone else. The report was a blessing because it assured me that I actually do have difficulty. My personality has changed 150% after getting tested because I am much more confident socially and academically. I am aware of my issues and I also realized that I am not the only one with these difficulties. I am much better when I socialize with people and even people in my class pointed out how much I have changed. They say I am a completely different person, and I honestly feel that way too! Thank you very much for testing me and giving me the peace of mind that I needed."

- C.C. 


"After years of watching my son struggle both socially and academically at school, I finally faced the fact that something might be wrong.  After calling a number of educational psychologists, I contacted Lisa Bedard and felt instantly confident in her ability explain why my son was struggling so much. During the assessment process, Lisa was extremely patient and caring with my son. The feedback meeting was extremely helpful, as Lisa gave us an in-depth analysis of the conclusions, explaining both his strengths and weaknesses, always making sure we understood everything. She then provided us with useful resources and recommendations for both home and school. When we received the final report I was very impressed. It was extremely detailed and professional. For weeks after receiving the report, Lisa very patiently answered all my questions and provided great advice and support. With the report, I was able to go to the school and get my son the extra help he needed. The resource teacher at my son’s school told me that it was one of the most professional and helpful reports she had ever read.

When my daughter’s teacher later suggested that I have her tested, I did not hesitate to call Lisa again. Once more, she was able to give us an accurate and complete picture of my daughter’s issues and methods in which to help her.

I finally have an understanding of my children’s issues and resources on how to help them. I would highly recommend contacting Lisa Bedard if you suspect that your child has a learning disability. Today, my children are much happier and confident in their abilities because they are getting the help they need."

- Line M.


"After learning that my 8 year old daughter was struggling in school and sometimes at home, we made an appointment to see Lisa for a psychological assessment. Lisa makes the environment very relaxing and inviting and at no time did my daughter ever feel stressed or unhappy during the assessment, and she actually looked forward to going and seeing what she would be doing with Lisa at her next visit! Once we received the report, we were able to better understand her difficulties at school and at home and were able to work with her teachers to make her daily routine more structured to her needs. The report also gave our family advice on how to deal with the issues she was facing and recommendations for counselling or tutoring services should we need them in the future."

- Debbie A.


"We were referred to Lisa when our 12-year-old son needed a re-evaluation before going to high school. Having ADHD we wanted to be sure he would get the appropriate help needed at his new school. Lisa was always friendly and professional, and made our son feel at ease at each meeting. Once we received Lisa's report we were better able to help him and were better prepared for meetings with his teachers. She is very knowledgable and was happy to answer all our questions during the feedback meeting and even after. She recommended numerous resources for us to read and watch to educate ourselves, so we could really understand what our son was coping with and how we can help him help himself. 

- Samantha M.


"I called Lisa when my son was in grade 2 and was falling behind academically.  Lisa was very professional and patient during her assessment and was able to quickly adapt her process to my son’s needs. Lisa was very thorough and didn’t hesitate to refer us to other specialties in order to complete his assessment. Her final report was clear, precise and informative and her recommendations were realistic and very helpful for both my son and the whole family. I felt very comfortable discussing my son’s needs with Lisa. Even after her assessment was complete, Lisa continued to make herself available to respond to my many questions and concerns."

- Christina M.


"After a teacher parent meeting it was raised to me that my 11 year old son had problems concentrating and sitting still during class. On my child's doctor's recommendation I was referred to Lisa. Jack was relaxed from the moment of our first appointment with Lisa and actually even enjoyed his several sessions he had with her. When she worked with him, he honestly looked forward to their activities, chats and games. The whole family felt comfortable with Lisa. She was very approachable, patient, easy to talk to and answered all our questions."

- Zoë W.


"I brought my daughter to Lisa Bedard for an assessment when she was in Grade 4. I had been worrying about her ability to focus her attention as well as her weak spelling skills for a while. Even though her teachers said not to worry because she was meeting the curriculum demands, my gut instinct told me she was not performing to her potential. Sure enough, Lisa’s assessment revealed that my daughter is bright, but has ADHD and a learning disability. My daughter enjoyed the assessment sessions because Lisa made it fun for her, encouraged her, and had her feeling that she was doing a great job. Lisa is professional but also warm. She explained the test results clearly, and her recommendations were helpful. I have recommended Lisa to friends and they have also spoken highly of her."

- Christine J.


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